You have a special party just around the corner.

Maybe a birthday, or possibly you have a New Year’s bash planned. Or you know that friends will be over for an Independence Day Celebration.

You want to make it special, and you know know that several of your guests are definitely “green friendly.”

How do you provide something different?

After all, you want your guests to remember the event for years to come … or at least until the next memorable party.

So, let’s do a little creative brainstorming on how to provide a unique smoking (or edible) experience….

1. Selecting New Weed

For those of us in places where cannabis is legal, offering something different could be as simple as going down to the corner dispensary and buying something different.

Of course, you need to do your research: what has everyone been smoking lately?  What’s been available in your area?

Can you good contrast from the norm? Maybe something that will cut through the other highs?

Note: Weed connoisseurs know that you can force the mood of a party with the right selection of herb. Certain strains are known to make people giggly and happy. Strains that cause a quick drop in blood sugar will make everyone get the munchies, and your appetizers and treats will delight more than normal. You can even bring the party to a halt, or make everyone sleepy with most mature indicas. 

Warning: It’s illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana in the state of Oregon. Make sure you take this into account. Be safe.

2. Offering a Party Smorgasbord

Start collecting early and often. Put aside a juicy-looking nug of each strain you get from now until the party.

Or make several trips down to your favorite dispensaries, with your party in mind.

If you have time, experiment with combinations. You want a few herbs that complement each other.

You absolutely don’t want a miss-mash of weeds that cancel each other out, or dull the best effects of each.

Maybe you do want to counteract one with another: For example, knowing that OG Kush or Gorilla Glue tend to lock people’s butts to the couch, we often put out a bud of some sort of Durban, in order to prevent our guests from falling asleep.

Or, we might put out a strain like Gouda Cheese in order to prevent people from going overboard and munching to the point of getting sick.

Note: Gouda Cheese is an appetite suppressant for about 85% of the population. The other 15% still get the munchies, like after smoking any other weed.

3. A Cannabis Flower By Any Other Name … and Format

Of course, you could go down to a dispensary and simply buy a concentrate, like wax, budder, sap, shatter, rosin tech, or freeze dried trichomes … but … we think there is a certain charm in making a treat, by hand, especially for the party, celebration, or get-together.

With good books available and a myriad of tutorials online, we have created all sorts of special offerings for our gatherings, including:

– Hash made in the style of Afghanistan, Morocco, Pakistan, Lebanon, and The United States

– Rosin Tech, made with parchment, a hair straightener, and a clamp

– Bubble Hash

– Kief

– Brownies and Cookies made with decarboxylated flower (Careful: Edibles can pack a punch!)

– Scissors Hash

And the list goes on …

If you feature one of the above, tell your guests how you made it, and offer it on an elegant or theme-appropriate serving dish or tray.

Note: In Oregon, you may gift a small quantity of your bud to another adult. Do you have enough to send everyone home with a small gift of your treat? If not, then at least some to those who showed enthusiastic appreciation for the special offering.

4. Cannabis Paraphernalia

One way to make an celebration more eventful is to provide a special smoking or imbibing device. Some of your guests may be inexperienced in partoking and have never tried certain methods. Here are seven ways that not everyone has access to:

  1. Smoking off a multi-hose hookah
  2. 2. Vaping from a Volcano bag (especially not one between 5′ and 10′ long- yowza!)
  3. 3. Dabbing concentrates with a heated glass bowl
  4. 4. Toked a giant joint (Bat or Spliff) filled with concentrates like kief or hash
  5. 5. Pulled a gravity bong hit from an immersed chamber in water
  6. 6. Smoked from an oversized peace pipe (We call ours Gandalf)
  7. 7. Taken a hit or rip from a monster bong

Find an interesting imbibing method to implement and you’re on your way to creating a party they won’t soon forget.

5. The Personal Party Weed Touch

I love giving gifts, and herb is not exception. In addition to sending people home with a small gift bag … herb, something homemade, and maybe a new lighter, we also like to make a personal stash available during the party.

It’s not uncommon for us to set out a tray of joints, so that each person can toke on his or her own.

Tip! We also offer “the personal touch” when someone is sick. If you have a cold, then we’ll offer you a separate bong or pipe, in order to contain the germs. Our friends call it a nice touch; we call it common sense and courtesy.

We like to impart a feeling of plenty, even if we have a special offering. The way to do this is to put some of your creation or purchased bud directly into the guests’ hands. They won’t feel awkward about taking some from the stash if you give them their own.

Also, having an active bong tender to keep the weed flowing is a great idea- like a waitress refilling water glasses (which is also polite to offer to guests) the bong tender should keep an eye on the bowls, placing a small piece of bud in it when it appears empty. If they might need a hit soon, or there’s ash in the bowl that they might want to tap out, the tender can also set the small hit of weed on their drink coaster or on a small tray next to them.

6. Munchie Remedies

Offer snacks. Of course, parties need snacks- especially when you’re smoking. Make sure everyone is comfortable. Should anyone get too high, have chocolate on hand. Not only is it delicious, but it will stabilize your blood sugar which results in taking down your high.

Alternatively, offer fatty foods like potato chips to ‘munchers’ that want to keep their high going- thc is fat-soluble and processed by the liver. Fatty foods will slow down the processing of the thc, therefore letting you ride the waves for longer.


Remember, there are those whose main goal is to shove the weed into their system any way possible. 

— That’s not our take on this wonderful substance. — 

We appreciate it in many forms and strive to share it enthusiastically with our friends, new and old.

Turn your weed party into a small, yet memorable event, to be appreciated and talked about for a long time.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to make your celebration into a “talked-about triumph”. Make sure everyone is comfortable and has a great time.

You’ll provide the high, but you’ll also be there should anyone feel uncomfortably so.

Remember, everyone goes away thinking your party was the best.