The Joys of Being a Cannasseur…

and why we need a new name!

Do you consider yourself a Cannabis Connoisseur? A Marijuana Maven? A Weed Wizard?

When we originally published this article, we freely used the term Cannasseur; after all, one of our crew included that term in their Nom de Plume (online handle). Unfortunately, the term now carries a certain stigma, that we can’t afford to have associated with what we’re about at OregonExperts.

Note: If you’d like to discover why we chose to distance this site from the term Cannassuer, Click Here. We’ll explain all. (Wink)

Whether it’s Cannasseur or Cannabis Connoisseur, let’s jump right in …

What we’re talking about is actually very similar to becoming one of the cognoscenti of any pastime and/or profession. Expert status and being a “cannasseur” means knowing more than those at a more intermediate level:

The best knitters can feel the difference between a polyester blend and a true wool … or a blend of Merino and silk. They know all the sizes, brands, and materials of the knitting needles. They know quad needles give a tighter stitch than regular rounds.

You know, Beyoncé knows her favorite size stage, type of microphone, and why. The best chefs know the virtues of using real vanilla. They have also mastered gourmet scrambled eggs.

And cannasseurs (cannabis connoisseurs) know their weed.

They can taste and smell when a stash of weed is old, and they know what to do with these older weeds. They’re into the principles of ‘best use’ and ‘not allowing anything to go to waste.’

The cannabis expert knows which strains to put into their lungs depending on the specific effect they want for each specific occasion.

Becoming a cannasseur takes time. You don’t become one instantaneously by buying a variety of grams and then comparing and contrasting (getting too high and forgetting it all anyways) … although that can be educational and a lot of fun.

Cannasseurship (Weed Connoisseurship) is more about getting to know your herb inside and out, over time.

You buy an ounce or more. You smoke it by itself and with other weeds. You compare other strains back to the one you have a large quantity of. Then you continue comparing and contrasting until you are completely sick of the “house stash.”

Next, you move on and repeat the process with another type of cannabis. Continue this process, sometimes with repeat strains… you’ll rediscover a familiar ‘friend’ that you hadn’t smoked in over a year.

You examine each weed strain that comes your way. Attempt to commit some of the characteristics to memory.

And you smell each sample. Oh, do you sniff it.

Take in that heady aroma. Learn whether you prefer a botanical smell or a fruity one. Some prefer a skunky strain, or something more akin to new tennis shoes or car inner tubes.

(Ahh … a good, gas-smelling diesel strain!)

The cannasseur also knows a bit about growing, some of the different terpenes found in weed, and something about cannabinoids other than THC.

Cannasseurs know about the different ways to get THC into your body: cooking, smoking pipes, bongs, and more.

A cannasseur has a true love.

They have more than just a little knowledge of all that is cannabis.

That, my friend, is what is all about!

And now, it’s time to put to rest the term “Cannasseur,” at least for the time being. Once again, if you want to know why to switch from calling yourself a cannasseur to a cannabis connoisseur, then click here.