Why Avoid the Term Cannasseur

The Bad Reputation Created by One Company

Drop the term “Cannasseur”?

Here at OregonExperts, we’re now avoiding calling ourselves Cannasseurs … for good reason.

Instead, we refer to ourselves as Cannabis Connoisseurs and sometimes simply acknowledge that we are Fans of Fine Herb.

So, why all the stigma surrounding the term Cannasseur?

Well, sometimes in history certain words and expressions fall out of favor.

Note: An event (tragedy) could turn a symbol of love into something that totally represents hate and what we don’t want to be. 

Think of all the forms (orientations, dots, and so forth) of the swastika before World War ll and the love that some of them represented.

Then, in a matter of years, anything that even mildly resembled a symbol promoting genocide was completely shunned by the more sane and well-intentioned people of our society. And here were are, almost 80 years later, and that symbol is still considered a big no-no.

Before I tell you why the word Cannasseur produces a bad taste in the mouths of many, let me give you another example from the world of weed….

Moon Rocks 

No, I’m not talking about actually pieces of compressed or volcanic dirt from the moon that may be illegal to own. We’re referring to drug nomenclature.

Fun Note: Is it illegal to own moon rocks from our lunar celestial body that we see in the sky, at night? It turns out that the answer is, “It depends.”

If a lunar meteor falls to Earth, and you take a chunk of it home, that’s fine … okay in the eyes of the government.

However, it is not legal for a private citizen to own rocks that were collected on an Apollo mission from the moon. 


Anyway, when I learned the term MoonRock, it referred to taking a small nugget of the Girl Scout Cookie strain of cannabis, dripping, melting, or somehow covering the floret in concentrate oil, and then coating all of it in kief.

You could even buy these moon rocks in some dispensaries in Oregon. Tasty (in a smoke inhalation sense) and stoney.

Unfortunately …

In other parts of the world, MoonRocks had a different connotation … a definition that carried the wrong stigma.

Moon Rocks, for many people, refers to MDMA … Ecstasy … Molly … MoonRock Molly.


Not for us!

Even though there is a strong effort to make the cannabis version of the term popular on the internet, the stigma of the bad-for-you-drug remains.

Because of this, many refer to cannabis moon rocks as dinosaur eggs. (I wonder if the term will gain momentum and stick.)

What’s Up with the Term Cannasseur?

To be frank, I thought that I had coined the expression at least 20 years ago, but I absolutely can’t be sure of the timeframe. And if I am honest with myself, which I usually am, I could have heard the term somewhere, and it simply stuck in my subconscious until it was needed.

It’s possible.

Well, it turns out others had picked up the term (less than a decade ago). Heck, as mentioned other places on this site, one of our former “employees” (for lack of a better term) had Cannasseur in their name.

Fast forward to 2020 …. and we noticed that some very reputable companies in the cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia industry were avoiding a certain company associated with the name Cannasseur.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out if the company who lost any reputation they may have had is a website, a print magazine, an online magazine, a newsletter, a grow company, a dispensary, a group promoting marijuana usage or a combination of several entities.

After all, we don’t want to get sued. N’est pas?

We’re sure some businesses and groups connected with the word Cannasseur are good. Some of them have great acumen in the cannabis and business world. And are honest folk; very important.

These guys are not “posers” who lack any integrity.

Still, we can’t take the chance of being associated with the one company exhibiting dishonesty, bad business practices, and lacking in an ethical standard that we at OregonExperts feel is a moral imperative.

We wish well to ALL who are associated with Cannasseurship, both those who run upright businesses, and those who, at this time, desperately need a moral compass.

May the latter discover the the virtues of treating others with respect, kindness, and compassion.

The world “is” an oyster waiting to be opened to discover the riches within. It is NOT a bank waiting to be robbed or a community of rubes waiting to be swindled.

May they incorporate some important human virtues, in order to rebuild their brand and identity, and eventually, the name Cannasseur.

Until that time …

Long live the Cannabis Connoisseur!