Embrace Canna Culture: Don’t Be a Snob

While I don’t think that cannabis users need to be stereotyped as lazy, I would hope that those in our culture would develop a more laid-back (not lazy) “in-tune-with-the-other-person” communication style.

Laid back means not being a boor and not being a pot snob….

Snob Avoidance #1

Snobs usually have their personal reason for partaking in the wonder weed … weekend recreation, medical reasons, for calming effects, etc. For some reason, their motivation for smoking is the only valid one. They often criticize those whose purpose is other than theirs.

“To avoid being a snob, you should appreciate anyone who shares in the practice, no matter what their reasoning, form, or desired effect.

Think (and believe) to each their own.”

Don’t condemn people for their preferences.

Here are just a few examples of snobbery within the canna-culture:

•People who vape often get on a soapbox about saving your lungs. To them, vaping is good, any carcinogenic way of smoking is bad.

It’s okay to do a little preaching, but don’t condemn those who prefer a bong, bubbler, joint, or pipe. Again, to each their own.

•There are those who claim that you can’t appreciate taste, when you filter the smoke through water. They believe that a joint (bat) is the only way to appreciate the fine taste of cannabis.

Joints aren’t the only way to appreciate herb. Yes, bong users can appreciate taste.

•Many European consumers or European wannabes insist on mixing tobacco in with their marijuana. They believe this is not only the preferred way, it’s the only way.

I’m happy to inform these tobacco mixers that purists are not silly or wasteful for filling a pipe, or rolling a joint, with nothing other than ground bud (dried flower). Some of us will NEVER add tobacco into the mix; that’s just the way we are. (Still, I won’t condemn those who get a special pleasure from mixing in their favorite tobacco. It’s just not my thing.)

Snob Avoidance #2

Many tokers defend weed by region:

“Any pot from Northern California is definitely better than Iowa’s best.”

“The best weed passes through Florida”

“Washington’s finest; anything else pales by comparison”

“Until you’ve visited the Dam (Amsterdam), you haven’t tried Cannabis.”

To avoid being a Pot Snob, don’t ever catch yourself putting down others weed by claiming that another region’s is better.

If you have marijuana from a place that you feel produces better desired effects, then whip it out. Do a weed-to-weed comparison. Even with the test, you won’t be able to entirely defend your locale, but at least you can show and demonstrate the qualities that you like about weeds from the place mentioned.

I think you come across as more of a cannabis aficionado, if you find something to appreciate about each and every variety you encounter. You can mention what doesn’t appeal to you about a particular strain, but it’s better to find common ground, and share the aroma and bouquet that you do appreciate….

Really, there is nothing wrong with positive comparisons … “Wow, this Golden Pineapple is really fruity smelling. It reminds me of the Pineapple Express that came through the Oregon Country Fair, last year.”

Snob Avoidance #3

Let’s just be blunt (pardon the play on words)… you should never belittle or make fun of anyone who uses a specific idiom from their region or their “timeframe.”

Are you taking a rip or a hit?

Is it weed or pot?

Cannabis or Marijuana?

A joint, a bat, or a spliff? Or a fatty?

Do you smoke out of a bong, a bubbler, or a water pipe?

After you have finished the bowl, is it cached, spent, or just plain gone?

Are you baked, wasted, out there, ripped, all fucked up, or … high as a kite?

Just like accents, learn to appreciate all the rich expressions associated with cannabis consumption.

Snob Avoidance #4

Some will never agree on is which is better, outdoor or indoor grown weed.

Nothing grows plants like the light from the sun. Ahhhh!

With indoor lighting, you can better control the climate.

Outdoors produces denser, tighter flowers …

If you have enough light

Outdoors, with dirt, you have a more forgiving environment; perfect for beginners

Indoors, you can control all aspects of growing.

Always remember- do your research and to each their own!