Don’t Be a Pompous, Fake Cannabis Expert!

Don’t be Fooled By Fake Strains

Don’t be fooled! Don’t be a fool!

You know, I was never a wine snob. I liked what I liked, I collected some, and then stopped drinking it when it started disagreeing with my stomach.

Often, I’d find myself in the company of self-proclaimed connoisseurs of the grape. These wine experts went on and on about this year, or that vineyard. They claimed that they could tell a good Merlot blindfolded.

So, you can imagine how smug I felt when in test after test, the supposed wine experts failed miserably. Most of them couldn’t tell a California bottle from its French counterpart, although they all they claimed that they could do it blindfolded.

What was funniest was the test where many of the experts couldn’t tell the difference in taste between a true red wine and a white wine that had red and purple food coloring added.

Imagine the egg on their faces. What pompous buffoons!

I don’t want you to make the same mistake when it comes to cannabis.

I recommend that you begin with minimal pairs. You choose two different kinds, and try to learn to distinguish between the two. I’m not asking you to recognize it forever … just during the comparison.

If you do it this way, I promise, that over time, you’ll learn certain smells and looks by heart.

A Durban will smell like a Durban. You’ll recognize the aroma; it’s your friend, but …


Don’t Be Fooled!

Maybe one day a Thai strain will have some similar terpenes and flavonoids. You’ll think it’s Durban when it’s not.

Or maybe this batch of Pineapple Express lacks the “fresh scent” that you’ve come to recognize, so you boldly proclaim that it’s a fake … when it’s actually the real deal.

My advice is that you make your comparisons on the spot. If three kinds of weed are pulled out, examine the three. Smell each, squeeze each. Try each.

If, during that session, you can accurately label any of the three … especially, when there seems to be a random bud on the tray … you’ll be more skilled than most.

My second piece of advice is that you be humble when you do guess correctly: “Hmm. This smells like gum, maybe the bubble gum of Sour Bubble or the gum ball smell of say, Crater Lake. Wow! It is Crater Lake. Call me a good guesser.”

My last piece of advice is that you remember the Wine Reviewers who got it wrong. Keep them in mind before you make any proclamation.

Now, go enjoy your stash! (If it’s legal in your area, if you’re of legal age, if you’re not in public … and if .. I have missed any other disclaimers associated with making a joke about suggesting that you go imbibe. Remember, this site is for information purposes only. All the information comes with a giant disclaimer for you to use your own judgment, and keep it legal.)