“Forty Dollars an Ounce!”IMG_1435-e1525812578288-225x300.jpg

“Yes, it says it right here in the newspaper. All month long.”

“Then it must be crap weed!”

Not so. The herb was of a higher quality than can be found in many states of the U.S. It was all bud, not much “stemmage,” and got you plenty high.

Are you wondering how forty dollar ounces are possible, or if I’m somehow deceiving you?

No, I’m telling you what everyone in Eugene, Oregon already knows … cannabis is readily available, of good quality, and legal to those over 21 years of age.

Right now, we’re experiencing a glut in marijuana in this area. The dispensaries, both medical and recreational, are competing like crazy.

 BTW That $40 oz. was the recreational price, tax included!

On April 20th this year (420), the dispensaries had some fantastic deals. For example, for $64.20, you could buy an ounce of bud that boasted 27% THC.

For those of you not in the know on THC levels, in the 70s, the commercial weed that came out of Mexico often contained 2% THC.

In the early 1990s, I saw a policeman test some confiscated pot that was a whopping 8% THC.

And now, you can purchase weed from a dispensary that test out above 25%. Wowie-kazowie!

It’s not all about the THC level. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the quality and intensity of your high.

When people write and ask how much weed costs, I have to respond that it depends where you’re purchasing it, at what time of year you’re buying, whether it’s indoor-grown or an outdoor crop, what characteristics the cannabis exhibits, etc.

It’s not easy to give an exact number to those who “ask Quora.”

If you ask me how much weed costs my response would be, “Well, less than a mile away, there is a dispensary that is advertising an ounce of quality buds for … $69.”

If you don’t already, may you soon live in an area that legalizes quality cannabis.

With all these variables, in Eugene, Oregon I’ve seen $5 marijuana grams, $40 ounces (28 grams in an ounce btw… because math), and even $440 for some prime bud. Not to mention pre-rolled joints- a 2 gram pre-roll for $4.20 (with tax).

Why, what does weed cost where YOU live?