Benefits of Lite Cannabis

Simple and Elegant Strains of Marijuana

Lite Cannabis: The Peak Effect

Why buy cannabis unless it packs a punch? Why would anyone want a “lite” weed?

This is the question a good cannasseur should know the answer to. 

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. 

Lite: adjective, “denoting a simpler or less challenging version of a particular thing.” 

(Source: google)

For example, lite foods and drinks have less sugar. Magazines are a ‘lite’ newspaper. Therefore,  ‘lite cannabis’ is weed with less THC.

Isn’t the first action you take in a dispensary to check the THC (or CBD) level on any of your possibilities for purchase?

Well, if you follow, then you already know that the quality and intensity of high isn’t only THC related.

‘Oregon Experts’ readers know that all the different aspects of the plant come into play. The freshness of the flower contributes to or detracts from the high, especially when you consider that older cannabis often contains a higher level of CBN. 

Old CBN containing weeds can make you a little unbalanced as you walk and put you to sleep faster than a young, fresh Sativa.

Let’s put all of that aside, for today, and discuss the #1, most important quality in a variety that may be listed as having less THC. 

What’s the one question a great budtender should be able to answer to help you make an informed purchase of lite weed-

“Which Cannabis Strains Won’t Peak?”

That’s right. Those that get you to a certain point of brain and/or body effect, and then they top out. They peak.

No matter how much more you smoke, you just can’t get any higher.

There is a point beyond which that particular strain won’t take you. Even if your theory is that you will simply smoke twice as much of a 14% herb as a 28% herb to get equally high, it doesn’t play out that way. Once you reach the maximum that this strain can provide your system, it peters out. (Sigh)

On the other hand, there exist cannabis strains that continue to add to the high.

This is of paramount importance if you are choosing a less-intense variety of marijuana.

With such a gem of a strain, you can choose a milder experience by smoking less. Then, when the high begins to fade, you can give it a boost with another toke or two.

For those who truly want to tailor their smoking experience, they can smoke, wait a little to see the effect, then smoke a bit more, wait a bit more, then a bit more, and so on.

You get a feeling of how much more the high will increase after you stop, so you can smoke to the perfect point for your objective (either stated or implied).

Your goal is to find a strain where smoking a little is not enough of a high, and smoking a bunch is too much of a high. This way, you can find the perfect spot on the continuum.

My second criterion, though not nearly as important as “peak factor,” is the duration of the high of a mild weed.

Sometimes, I want something that will fade quickly. I may need to “straighten up” in an hour. Other times, I want something that lasts. I don’t want to continue to have to “stoke the fire,” so to speak.

Concerts may be inconvenient to smoke during, so I want something that will last beyond the last session in the car.

Creating the Perfect High with Lite Cannabis

Keep in mind, especially in states that are filled with legal dispensaries, it’s getting much easier to tailor your cannabis experience.

Do you want a body high or something more cerebral?

Do you want something to pick you up while you clean house, or are you looking for something to help you sleep at night?

Do you want spacey for watching a movie, or a different type of spacey to adding to your creativity?

These are all questions a good budtender or Cannasseur should know.

And …

Do you want a milder, lite high with your cannabis for just the right occasion?

The ‘pot’ssibilities are endless!