Oregon versus Amsterdam

How can you say that Oregon Marijuana is better than what Amsterdam offers?

I could argue this point all day long, but until you’ve tried Oregon Marijuana and compared the two, you’d never believe me.

One fact is that a lot of weed in the Dam has been scuffed. The outer, sparkly goodness has been knocked off the buds, so they can collect it for hashish and kief.

Pardon the pun, but often in Amsterdam, you’re smoking “tumbled weed.” (They roll it in bins (drums covered in silk screen. The bud is jostled over and over, and the trichomes fall through the screen.)

When Amsterdam was one of the only legal places to buy cannabis, it offered selections not available anywhere else.

Pot Illegal for Tourists to Buy in Amsterdam

Now that it’s illegal for tourists to purchase, we know that they scuff before rolling and selling, and more … it’s not so stellar. Yes, that’s right; if you go into a weed bar in Amsterdam, you can’t make a purchase, unless you’re a resident.

Sorry, tourists!

In Oregon we have a variety of dispensaries with all sorts of varieties and price points … now offering what used to be underground’s finest Oregon marijuana… except that now, it’s legal. If you are 21 years old or older, you’re an adult, and that means you can buy recreational weed in Oregon dispensaries.

In my area, there are nearly 100 dispensaries, and that’s not an exaggeration. For example, we live in a residential area of town, and there are still four quality dispensaries within two miles of our house. (Maybe there are more, but there are 4 decent places to buy cannabis.)

Not only that, but nowadays, you can buy bongs, pipes, and accessories in the “ma and pa” corner grocery stores. Oregon is definitely more “canna-friendly” than Amsterdam, in my humble opinion.

Who’s got the best weed between Washington, Oregon, and California?

I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-pound plant!

Besides, we’re talking Amsterdam. Still, if the question crossed your mind …

Seriously, when I was in college there was this amazing stuff from Northern California. And I mean amazing. No bud weighed under a 1/4 of an oz. Most were full ozs. The colors were phenomenal … a mix. And one hit … really really put you out there. No joke.

Of course, for about a year in the 90’s, we were getting stuff that came down from Washington, that while it was only green with no red or orange hairs, still packed a punch, and had a very fresh, piny taste. Sometimes, this was confused with B.C. Bud (Flower smuggled across the Canada-U.S. border, into Washington).

And of course, there is my beloved Oregon. How do I love the herb here … let’s not count the ways! And that’s why you’re on this website.